Nursing Home / Assisted Living Malpractice

Frith Anderson + Peake has successfully defended nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities/ALFs for over two decades throughout Virginia, including cases involving falls, decubitus ulcers, medication errors, elopement, abuse/neglect and resident assault, among others.  Nursing home and ALF litigation is a unique subcategory of medical malpractice with novel issues and challenges generally not present in traditional medical malpractice litigation.

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in defending theories unique to nursing home litigation, including “understaffing” and the increasingly popular “profits over people” claims. We have successfully utilized arbitration agreements to force malpractice litigation from the courts into arbitration greatly benefiting the nursing home both in terms of securing a more favorable forum and significantly decreasing the costs of litigation.

Partner Katherine Londos manages our nursing home/ALF practice group, and she has defended clients against assisted-care-malpractice claims throughout Virginia for 20 years.  She is assisted by two medical paralegals—one a physician assistant and the other a registered nurse—who provide extensive in-house nursing and medical knowledge.   We are also well-versed in the latest clinical literature on issues concerning nursing homes and ALFs.

Nursing home malpractice lawsuits can be expensive, time-consuming, and contentious.  Frith Anderson + Peake has the experience and expertise to assist clients in navigating these challenges.

Katherine C. Londos